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This book was published as part of the Farmers Branch 50th anniversary celebration in 1996.  It is full of photographs and information on the history of the city and its citizens.  It has been sold out for some time and is only available in the secondary market.


Corrections to this edition

Page 24 & 25: "Ina Millway" should correctly read "Ina Millaway"

Page 28: column 2: The sentence that reads "She reports that in the fall the bank stayed open late." should read "He reports that in the fall the bank stayed open late."

Page 29: "Will Meyers" should correctly read "Will Myers"

Page 35: lower photo: "riding combine" should read "Riding grain binder"

Page 38: top of page, This was the home of John H. & Emma Stanley which was located on Keenan Bridge Rd. west of the Trinity River & west of Farmers Branch (now Valley View) Picture includes John, Emma Stanley & Family

Page 38: upper photo: "Emily Lou Stanley" should read "Emma Lou Stanley"

Page 44: "Elmer Dennis" should correctly read "Emmer Dennis".  His name was Emerson, but he went by Emmer.

Page 49: lower photo: "left to right" should read "right to left"

Page 65: upper photo: " 'Nubbib' Cox" should read " 'Nubbin' Cox"

Page 119: The First Baptist Church of Farmers Branch has submitted the following history to take the place of the one that appears in the book.

On February 17, 1870, a group of pioneer settlers met at the Farmers Branch school house and organized the First Baptist Church of Farmers Branch. The following people were present and listed as charter members: Noah and Sintha Good, G.W. and Sarah A. Good, Martha Wainscott, Virginia Winn, Mary Marsh, Rebecca Marsh, Charles Longmire, Harriet Gallop, John and E.H. (Emma) Gallop, and W.L. Good.  Elder Good served as the first pastor.  His brother, W.L. Good, served as church clerk.

By the year 1877 the membership had grown 96 and the church properly was valued at $1,250.  It is believed that around this period of time the first church building was erected (see picture on page 119.)

The church continues to display the bell that Noah Good worked diligently to raise money for.  On the day it as purchased, Noah became gravely ill. Faithful members took time from work and labored around the clock to erect a bell tower and successfully mounted the bell so that Noah could hear it ring before he died.

Sam Underwood has faithfully served as pastor since January 6, 1991.

Page 122: upper photo: "Sinath Good" should correctly read "Sintha Good"

Page 179: "Ruth Ann Parrish" should correctly read "Ruth Ann Parish"

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